Zodiac + Tarot // Which Cards Correspond To Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs?

If you’re a Zodiac buff, but not too up-to-snuff on your Tarot (or vice versa) it may be news to you that each Astrological sign has a corresponding Tarot card in the Major Arcana which embodies the characteristics of that sign.

When I first started reading Tarot, I was instantly drawn to The Star, a card all about becoming in-touch with the inner Self and the Divine. It’s a card that’s full of dreamy magic and intuition, and all about living radiantly as your true authentic self — eccentricities and all. Imagine my absolute delight when I realized that The Star is the Tarot card of Aquarius — my Sun sign! My little witchy heart was all a-glimmer.

So that got me thinking — what story would the Tarot tell if I pulled my Sun, my Moon, and my Rising corespondent cards in a “reading?” Tarotscopes are about the most fun thing in the entire Witchy world, but those are true readings. They’re an act of divination. This would be more like an intentional self-exploration, a deeper dive into our signs. Like Tarot therapy. Maybe the Tarot could have a little more light to shed on our Astrological selves?

Well, let’s find out.

But first, a cheat sheet!

I made you this little chart to help you find the Tarot cards that correspond to your signs so that you can weave your own Astrological Tarot story. Let’s see how it shapes up, shall we?


Find out which Tarot cards align to your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

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Determined, impulsive Aries is embodied in the Tarot by the Emperor, an authoritative father figure that demands respect and rules commandingly. While Aries is generally considered the “baby” of the Zodiac, Aries and the Emperor both have fiery, independent personalities that demand attention.


An obvious pairing here is dual Gemini to The Lovers card, which depicts two people embracing lovingly — traditionally a couple, although this card also stands for self-love and exploration. It makes sense that dynamic, inquisitive Gemini could get wrapped up in the personal or inter-personal exploration represented in The Lovers card.


Patient, grounded Taurus is represented by The Hierophant, a religious leader and symbol for conformity and tradition. Like down-to-earth and stable Taurus, the Hierophant is someone you’d seek out for wise (perhaps painfully honest) advice or even spiritual guidance.


Sensitive, emotional Cancer being represented by The Chariot, a card about control, will-power, forward motion and victory, may seem odd at first. But consider motherly Cancer’s shadow side. When provoked, or when you come for those she loves, you’ll get her pincers — and she’s not likely to back down until she’s made her (pardon the pun) point.


Commanding, popular, and outgoing Leo is embodied by the Strength card, a card which traditionally depicts a woman calmly petting a lion. This card is all about taming the beast within and having command over your own power and strength. Leo’s can be quite exuberant, even explosive, so being able to harness and tame that energy to be used when and where it’s appropriate is a good skill to have.


Another super obvious pairing is Libra and The Justice card, with both encouraging balance, fairness, and decisiveness (although, Libra likes the idea of decisiveness more than she’s able to manage it herself). Libra and Justice are both masters of objectivity and healthy communication.


Open-minded, philosophical, and fair Sagittarius is matched by the Temperance card, which is all about moderation and patience. Just like your typical Boomer Dad, Sagittarius is generous, adorably sincere, and (overly?) friendly. You can always count on good old Dad to be fair and easy-going about conflict, too.


Innovative, eccentric, and creative Aquarius is (ahem, perfectly) embodied by The Star card, who inspires hope, aspiration, and spiritual exploration. Like a bright and shining star, Aquarius’ forward-thinking endeavors are likely to turn a few curious heads, whether people find them inspiring or a bit quirky. She doesn’t seem to mind either way — she’s living her truest life.


Analyzing, practical, and thoughtful Virgo is perfectly embodied by The Hermit, who encourages us to make time for introspection and solitude. Virgo, or The Virgin, is a clever and creative soul who is deeply fulfilled by her own company, rarely feeling tempted by the outside world. She has all she needs to be content on her own.


Dark and twisty Scorpio is well represented by The Death card, which is all about life cycles, transitions, and endings. Unafraid of exploring what most would consider scary, Scorpio stares death in the face. They welcome the opportunity to change, and unapologetically tear down what doesn’t serve them to make room for the new.


Hard-working, willful, and straightforward Capricorn is coupled with The Devil card, a card which speaks to addiction, temptation, and materialism. When you consider a Capricorn’s tendency to over-commit and overwork themselves while hustling for that dollar, this pairing makes a bit more sense. (Love you, Capricorn. I promise.)


At first glance, you’d expect The Moon card to be paired with Capricorn, who’s ruled by the Moon. But if you think about it, deep, imaginative, and sensitive Pisces is a perfect match for the mystery and illusion represented by The Moon card. Dark and a bit spooky, the moonlit world isn’t at all intimidating to free and sensual Pisces. They’d find it enchanting.


Start by getting your three Zodiac/Tarot cards in front of you (or look up their imagery online), and allow their meanings to meld together into a storyline. Meditate on the cards a while. You can go by the traditional meanings of the cards, or just allow them to speak to you intuitively. Try journaling about it for a while if the meaning isn’t coming to you right away. What are the cards saying? What’s their advice? How could they apply to one another to tell a story about your personality (Sun), inner world (Moon), and outer persona (Rising)?

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Cancer // The Chariot
Control, willpower, success, action, determination


Aquarius // The Star
Hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality


Libra // Justice
Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law


When we look at the Tarot cards for my Moon, Sun, and Rising signs, we see a story starting to unfold, and honestly, it’s a story so spot on for me, so familiar, that it seems almost a little… anti-climactic? Like, this is so clearly MY STORY. I’ve heard this one before.

For me, these three cards speak to a person who is free, who knows who they are at their core, and is radiantly living life as their most authentic self. This person, this Star, is a beacon for those around her, an embodiment of creativity, hope, and magic. Internally, when she’s at her best, she is decisive and action-oriented, moving forward towards her goals without hesitation like a Chariot towards the finish line. (Sometimes that Chariot card gets reversed, and she gets stuck in patterns of self-doubt and stagnation, but she does her best to keep herself balanced.) The balance — or lack thereof — in her inner world is always clearly reflected in her outer world. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the desserts are always Just. If she’s doubting herself, if she’s full of anxiety, wounded or off-kilter in her heart, it’s fully visible in what she produces — her music, her art, her attitude. But when it’s all aligned, well… she shines.

It’s truly the story of my life! These cards in their upright positions feel like the aspirational version, the Best Case Scenario. This is what I strive for, what I feel my story should be, or is meant to be. But when those cards are reversed, I’m self-critical, stuck, creatively blocked, and obviously off my game. My job in this life is keeping these cards upright. That’s it. Simple as that. (Right?)

What story is your Zodiacal Tarot telling?

Were your cards as spot-on as mine? I’m so curious to know what you learn about yourself and your story through your Zodiacal Tarot! Let me know what you discover in the comments or on Instagram, and as always, feel free to reach out for a personal reading any old time.

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