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In case you’re the kind of witchy babe that likes to pick her/his/their own deck, here ya go, my babes. Here are the Tarot and Oracle decks currently in my possession and available to you for readings.

RIder-Waite Tarot Deck

One of the most popular decks in the world, the Rider-Waite is kinda consider the “OG” Tarot deck. It also happens to be the deck that I learned on. Its look is a bit traditional for my personal esthetic, but because I learned on it, my connection to this deck is pretty strong. It’s a solid choice for new readers.


The Fountain Tarot

My very first Tarot deck, this sweet baby obviously holds a pretty special place in my blood pumper. It has gorgeous oil-painted imagery that’ll really make a witch swoon.


Bianco Nero Tarot

This deck is a bit darker than the others, but equally beautiful. The Bianco Nero was created by an Italian illustrator in monochrome black ink, and this deck is honest. She’s not rude, but man, she doesn’t pull those punches. Come here for real growth and solid advice.


Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols

My all-time favorite oracle deck is the Hollow Valley. (Oh, and I’m trying not to freak out, but she’s coming out with a Tarot deck in 2020. So.) This is a minimal nature-based deck whose illustrations leave a lot of open room for interpretations. The symbols in here are purely human, and should feel familiar and warm.


Work Your Light Oracle Deck

This is a really beautiful, ultra-feminine, and mega wise little deck. The Work Your Light oracle deck is very encouraging and gentle, and while I don’t find that it speaks as clearly as the Hollow Valley, it just looks so lovely that I can’t help but adore it.


The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck

This is the most “fantastic” deck I own, chock full of medieval and Anglican mythology, faeries, and mystical creatures. It’s a bit Magic The Gathering for my person taste, but this deck actually packs a punch. I almost never pull a card from here that doesn’t resonate.

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