New Moon Ritual // Abundance

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“I am aligned, inspired, and abundant.”

The New Moon is, in essence, empty. So that makes its energy perfect for calling things in. Here’s a spell to draw true abundance into your life — abundant wealth, abundant health, abundant love.., whatever you choose.

This ritual is one that you can (and should!) personalize and make your own. Take it for a spin on the next New Moon and see how it works for you.


Ceramic or glass bowl
Crystal of your choosing (must be water-safe)
Paper & pen
Coins, about 30
Witch’s salt (salt and ash), or just salt and/or earth
Flower petals
Herb & oil mixtures of your choosing
Something personal — a drop of your perfume, a ribbon, a ring, etc.


1. Write a present tense letter, poem, or incantation on a piece of paper listing all the ways in which you wish to be abundant. “I am abundant in love,” “I am abundant in my career.” Be specific — you don’t want to be abundant in the wrong kind of love or work!

2. Read the letter aloud 3 times, or as many as feels right. Fold the letter and place it in the bottom of your bowl of water. Weigh it down with a water tolerant crystal.


3. Add your ingredients to the water (all but the coins), and as you do this, meditate on the abundance you wish to call into your life with these actions. Stir the ingredients around with your hands, allowing yourself to be perfumed by the oil and herbs

4. Lightly wash your face & hands in your wishing well, expressing gratitude for the abundance that already exists in your life

5. When you’ve finished, place one coin in your wishing well, saying “I am inspired, aligned, and abundant,” or create your own short mantra.

6. Feed the wishing well with one coin every day of this lunar cycle, and repeat your mantra like a wish. You may also wish to refresh your well with new flowers from time to time over the course of the month.

7. When the lunar cycle comes to an end with the next New Moon, skim any wilted flowers of the top of your wishing well and add the floral water to a bath. Reflect on the abundance you’ve drawn in this month and express gratitude!

Holley MaherComment