10 Actions/100 DAYS -- Free Printable Cards To Send To Your Senators

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Hello, Dears. If you're familiar with my art or my music or my blog, you've probably gathered that I'm passionate about feminism and humanitarian issues. If you disagree with me on any of the issues that I talk about here, I fully support your right to do so and welcome your insight and opinions. However, this post is designed for my teammates-in-action, my brothers and sisters who joined me in supporting the Women's March on Saturday. If you objected to that March, I hear you and understand your reasons why. But, this isn't the place to discuss that. Please, only love here, my beauties.

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Images 1-4 by Holley Maher / Images 5, 6 by Daniel Meigs 


The Women's March this Saturday was something truly wondrous to behold. If you weren't there, it's probably hard to imagine the amount of warmth, positivity, and inclusiveness that was radiating off of the Nashville streets that day. People, in all their various shades and sorts -- men, women, children, white folks, people of color, gay and straight, Christian and Muslim, Democrats and (yes!) Republicans -- were there to support each other in a way that I haven't seen in quite a while. I was raised with a protest sign in my hand, but this was one of the most incredible things I've been a part of in my life, and not something I'll soon forget.

When I heard this week that the March had launched a campaign called 10 Actions / 100 Days, I was thrilled to see that they'd come up with a way to keep the momentum going. And, AND -- with postcards and greeting cards! I mean, you can understand my excitement as a stationery designer. #SendMoreMail and all that.

The March has provided their own printable postcards, but they've also invited people to design their own. So, obviously, I was all *RAISES HAND WITH VIGOR* and got to work right away. I'm so excited to offer you darlings some FREE printable Wink Wink Paper Co. cards and postcards for you to send to your Senators, with love.


I've created a couple of different postcards and foldable greeting cards for you. If you'd like to use the official Women's March Card, download that hereor help yourself to one of mine! Simply click the preview image below and the printable .pdf will appear in a new window. You can print these at home, or bring them to a local printer. 

IMPORTANT NOTES: Each file contains crop marks in the corners letting you know where to trim. Please do this, so that your greeting cards will fit into an A2 sized envelope, and your postcards will be the correct size, according to USPS guidelines. 

If you choose to print at home, please make sure that your scale is set to 100% in your printer settings, and that the image is not set to scale to fit the page. For postcards, be aware that the minimum paper thickness that the US Post Office will accept is 0.007and the maximum thickness is 0.016", so please be sure to use at least 80 lb. or, better yet, 100 lb. card stock when you print. (In English, this means that you can't print postcards on regular printer paper. For reference, most quality greeting cards are printed on 100 or 110 lb. card stock.) Postcard stamps are available at your local post office, and cost less than your typical letter stamp.

Also, yes, there are tatas on a few of these designs. You may find this bad-ass and hysterical. Or, this may not be for you. If not, totally cool. I already know I'm inappropriate, so no need to point that out in the comments. (I also realize that there are female-identifying people out there who may not have tatas. I love you, and I see you. I hope you'll enjoy my "glorious women" design, or the postcard designed by the Women's March!)




Tell your Senator what's on your mind. Pour your heart out about the causes you care about. If you chose the booby card, tell your Senator what you'd like to "say 'ta-ta' to," like gender-based violence, wage inequality, intolerance, or anything else. 

If you'd like some inspiration, check out the Women's March Unity Principles, or the #WhyIMarch hashtag.


Before you mail, be sure to snap a photo of your card and use the hashtag #WhyIMarch when sharing it to social media. (We'd also be very appreciative if you'd tag us at @WinkWinkPaperCo and use our #winkwinkpaperco hashtag, too!)

Then, find your Senators' addresses, stamp your card, and stick it in the mail. (If you are using a folded card and need an envelope, be sure that it is A2 sized or larger. You can shop for those on Amazon, Envelopes.com, or Paper Source.)

Thank you for being here, and for supporting a cause that you care about. The Women's March is releasing one activity every 10 days, for the next 100 days. Visit their page to learn more and to sign up for notifications when a new activity is announced. 

If you find any errors in my .pdf files, please let me know so that I can correct them!