Getting Inspired // A Beautiful Adventure Into The Woods Of Tennessee

Sometimes, in order to refuel your creative fire, you need to close your laptop, put down the pencils and brushes, step away from the desk, and just...breathe. That's what this past weekend felt like to me -- a deep breath of fresh autumn air, and the perfect creative "reset." 

A month or so ago, I was invited by the lovely and talented miss Meredith C. Bullock to join her and a group of 10 other creative and like-minded women on "A Beautiful Retreat," a creative escape to the woods of Tims Ford State Park in Winchester, TN. We would post up in three rustic lake-side cabins and spend three days bonding, creating, cooking, bonfire-ing, hiking, encouraging and inspiring one another. I was completely sold.

This weekend was everything I was hoping it would be, and so, so much more. I was blessed to spend time with 11 incredibly inspiring, driven, and talented women who in turn embraced and encouraged me in my creative pursuits. As creatives (and women in general, let's be honest), it's easy to give in to the urge to compete with, discourage, or envy one another. This weekend, we all flexed our love muscles and instead found ourselves building a community of women who could support, motivate, and inspire one another. We cooked beautiful meals together, we helped each other conquer our fears (one of mine being a suspicious-looking rope bridge), we made flower crowns, we danced, we laughed, we swam in chilly reservoirs, and let our troubles sink to the bottom of it when we were through. It was completely and utterly perfect, and I can hardly believe that it happened. But it did, and here's the proof.

View all the photos in the gallery below.