My Homemade Vetyver Sea Salt Scrub Recipe (Plus Two Upcoming Shows In Nashville)

Hello, lovelies. I wanna share with you my most favorite recipe for a homemade, all-natural sea salt scrub that will make you glow like the goddess you clearly are. 

I've made loads and loads of salt and/or sugar scrubs. They're insanely easy, totally personalized, and much cheaper than the store-bought kind. I've made loads of varieties -- peppermint and cinnamon scrubs for the holiday season, lavender and jasmine ones for spring, apple and caramel ones for fall. But, my absolute favorite (no matter the season, really, but it's especially nice for summertime) is my citrus-y vetyver sea salt scrub. I. Love. It. I use it nearly every day and T.B. just geeks out over how smooth my skin is after I shower. Wink, wink, ladies. The boys love it.

So! Let's get started. I made this on a whim, so I just grabbed what I had in my pantry for this batch. But if you don't have these lying around, you can easily pick them up at your local organic grocery and wellness store(s). I usually shop at The Turnip Truck, a small Nashville green grocer that I love, but Whole Foods and Whole Body carry all of these things, too -- except for the vetyver perfume, which I got at Pangea and you can order right here.

You'll need:

- Sea Salt (or coarse sugar, if you prefer. I worried that the salt might dry my skin, but it doesn't at all. However, sugar may be best if you want a lighter exfoliation. I also suggest getting more salt or sugar than is pictured below.)

- Olive Oil (you can sub this out for baby oil if the thought of slathering yourself in olive oil freaks you out, but I suggest trying it at least once. It's so lovely, and if anyone out there has an old Italian or Greek grandmother, I'm sure she'll tell you that a little EVOO is the Mediterranean woman's best-kept secret to glowing skin.)

- A bit of your favorite natural perfume (obviously, I used vetyver) and/or essential oils. I used a touch of tea tree oil, which smells fresh and minty and is great for detoxifying the skin.

- Fresh Aloe (an easy plant to maintain indoors), or organic aloe vera oilwhich is amazing for your skin and has countless other health benefits.

- A knife, cutting board, mixing bowl, and spoon.

How it works:

Harvest your aloe. This can be a bit tricky as it's so slimy, but here's a great tutorial for you to follow. My little baby aloe plant isn't nearly that big yet, but the idea is still the same. (Obviously, you don't have to worry about this if you use store-bought aloe gel.)

Combine your ingredients. I usually start by mashing up my aloe with the spoon. Don't worry too much about getting it smooth, it's nearly impossible. Any chunks of aloe will be broken up when you stir in the salt. Next, dump in your salt and add your olive oil. You don't want it to be too dry or you'll just scratch yourself up in the shower, so make sure you're liberal with that oil. Don't worry if your salt separates to the bottom and it looks like you've got a ton of olive oil in there -- that always happens. But that's ok! Almost every time I make this, I run out of salt before I run out of oil, so I just add a bit more oil to the mixture, which makes it last much longer. Then, add your perfume/essential oils to taste (I add a good deal of perfume to mine) and you're done! Spoon it into a lovely container (I used an old French seal jar I got at a yard sale) and enjoy.


Word to the wise -- be careful, as your bath tub will now be rather slick. Also, you'll want to make sure to rinse away any salt grime left in the bottom of the shower. If you try this out, let me know what you think! Or, if you have some other favorite flavors you've tried or would like to try, do share!