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✶ Hello ✶

I’m Holley.

I'm a multi-passionate creator and entrepreneur living in Nashville, TN. I daylight as a pop music songwriter and recording artist, and I’m also an illustrator. My stationery line is called Wink Wink Paper Co., and I’m currently working on my first children's book series Little Kid, Big City! It's super fun. Oh, and for extra fun, I make wands and read tarot.

I thrive on one-on-one connections, activism, learning, and personal growth. And being able to tap into the spiritual self is such an important part of supporting those passions. If we’re not in tune with our hearts, we can’t know and love ourselves or others like we’re designed to! Healing begins within, and then spreads to the world around you. And let’s be real — is there anything more important than that right now?

Let’s navigate this tricky b*tch called Life, you guys.


My desire to find a more inclusive and mindful spiritual practice led me to manifestation work and tarot. Using the tarot on the reg (in addition to, hello, therapy!) has completely changed my life, my self-worth, and my empathy for those around me. I hope I can be a learning resource for others as I continue to learn and grow.

The tarot itself is not attached to a particular religion or spiritual practice. It isn’t “evil.” And it’s not a fixed vision of an unchangeable future. (You have free will, babe!) It’s simply a mirror that we can use to look inside ourselves for answers, or a translator for more open communication with Spirit. It’s a glimpse down the path and a hug to set you on your way.

What I do is not fortune telling — it’s more like spiritual counseling. My intention is not to tell you what to do, but rather to help attune you to your own intuitive North and point you in the right direction. People of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races, cultures and religions are invited to work with me.